As one of the leader company, the line management of “HS Gerogia” Ltd   make  priorities for the protection of Personal and Business Partner under the Law of Georgia on Labor Security.

Our vision is to develop longterm and stable partnerships with all the subjects that promote the development and advancement of the company. This allows to increase brand awareness and  Georgian market. Company’s goal is to take the leading positions in health and labor safety.

We offer you following service:

  • Preparing and set up Health and safety documentation (HS plan , policy, Risk Management, emergency response plan,  evacuation plan and …)
  • Supervising construction site from safety point of view by certified specialist, trainings, preparing relevant documents and recommendations.
  • Offering certified health and safety officer service as follow: identify and assess risk, report documents, collect records, describe accidents and professional diseases, conduct office and field work and act in accordance with the law of Georgia law, international ISO 45001 standards and according OHSAS 18001 and ILO
  • At the same time we will organize to supply HS material (PPE and collective equipment ) on site in shortest period.
  • Safety Systems/Solutions;
  • Electrical and BMS Solutions (Industrial Automation (BMS);
  • CCTV;
  • Home and Building Automation (Smart house);
  • Power supply & lighting;
  • Access control;
  • Fire Alarm;
  • Queue Management System.

Safety and Health (HS) is everybody’s concern. No activity will commence unless essential safety systems are in place